WIWT Series: Razzledazzle! Head Wraps,Faux Pearls & Cocktail Rings Mix

Happy new month style lovers! Its monday and the whole circle starts its spin again. This week ensure it spins fruitfulness, productivity, love, laughter, happiness and peace for you and your loved ones, regardless of life circumstances. Realise that you are a themostat (Read the bible and watch the movie "the secrets") and can detemine your very own life weather. 

Millicent Arebun A.k.a. Millare

This look was created for you, in order to spice up your monday. Fashion may have limits and rules but style has no boundaries, so for this look I piled on the accesories, sticking to all the faux pearls and coktail rings I could find in my box (Just because I can). Since I wasn't too thrilled with my hair, I decided to wrap it up in order to create a constrast. Viola! 


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