Yipeeeeeee! MillareFashion hits 3 MILLION Views on Google+

Yipeeeeeee! MillareFashion hits 3 MILLION Views on Google+
I just want to say Thank You Lord! It's been YOU all along. From the beginning, now and to the end. 
I know some of you are wondering, why my personal name is on the page and not my official blog name "MillareFashion", ask google o! lol. Really, the answer isn’t that complicated. Google automatically opened by blog google+ page with my name initially and when it prompted me to change to my blog name I declined (Didnt know better) The good news is I have recently opened an official MillareFashion google+ account a few weeks ago, so go join the fun train! We are already at 13k plus views. Isn’t God awesome! (Big grin)

SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL MILLAREFASHION READERS THAT MADE THIS 3MILLION VIEWS ON GOOGLE+ POSSIBLE. Huge thanks to Angela Arebun, Oyindamola Tyna Foks, Arebun Sandra, Chiamaka George, Augustina Oderele, Onile Gift, Bibi Okosun, Adaze Okeaya-Ineh, Muah!

It's not by power, blog post, or online tool but by your spirt! Glory!


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