Five Ways to Wear a Mini Dress

Hi darlings, I trust you are slaying fashion-wise in your corner of planet earth, if not here is a quick style inspiration for future slayage.
I have had this gown for almost four years and recently realized that I have never worn it, the same way twice. Just like that the idea of a fabulous blog post was birthed. 
I know you know that, there are several ways to wear or style a mini dress (if not, click here) but I bet you didn’t know it is super easy to style that favorite mini dress in at least five different ways. Below is my fashion-pictorial or take on styling a mini dress five ways.

What do you think?  If this post inspired you, post a picture of yourself in a mini dress inspired by the styles in this post for a chance to win a super cute mini dress this month.

Remember to tag all pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #MillareFashion5waystostyleaDress and #Millarefashion 



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