How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

Wide legs pant are back in vogue and fashionistas around the globe has caught the fever. From palazzos, harem, loose fit, flairs to bell bottom, the trend is the new IT way to make a bold style statement. 
Alas, wearing this trend can pose a challenge for fashionistas. Have you found yourself looking dowdy, or with shorter legs or torso when you wear this trend. Don’t fret,
it’s not permanent lol. I had to experiment several times before I got the science of wearing wide leg pants down to an act.

The trick is very simple, all you need is three style guiding factors to keep in mind when wearing the trend

1.The fit is in the hips
         2.The style is in your heels 
        3.The balance is on the top

High heels, pants perfectly fitted at the hips and a top that balances everything out. 
Still wondering what I mean? My picture above and below should make things clearer for you. 
Millicent Arebun Onuoha

Till next time 
Stay Fab 


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