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Fashion Biggest Trends 2023 | GTCO Fashion Weekend

GTCO Fashion weekend, held last weekend, was a salve for fashion lovers globally. Filled with spectacular individualistic style, both on and off the runway; the event saw the best of Nigerian, African and international designers showcasing their fabulous innovative style creations and knowledge to a delighted audience. Worthy of note is the flawless execution of the project, from the styling, make-up and music; to the fact that all collection showcased on the runway was the latest collection from the participating designers. From the cultural heritage invoked by Ituen Basi, the primal drama of Pepper Row, the oriental vibes of Nwko, the urban sophistication of IDMA NOF, David Tlale’s 70s-inspired glamour, Studio189’s Afrocentric fabulosity, Fruchhe’s exquisite designs to Lazamaleombho fashion-forward collection; the GTCO Fashion Weekend, offered global fashion lovers a veritable bouquet of style treasures.

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