On The Trend


It’s almost Esther and fashionistas around the world are faced with the style dilemma, of deciding what trends to wear, during the fast-paced Esther festive activities. From the sporty dress, slouchy shorts, cut-outs to the sequined glamour; here are some of the most stylish trends of 2013 complied for your viewing pleasure. 

Monochrome sporty blouse. Pair with a pencil pants, be it floral jeans, black or white chinos pant or leggings and viola! Remember to pair with either chunky accessories for instance wedge or platforms or sleek accessories (for instance pumps or captoes)
70s Flair is another consistent trend that keeps topping the trends chart every few years. replicate the ensemble on this gorgeous model and you are ready to rock
Flirty skirts
Peplum  delight.


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