Friends Pact| Through Thick & Thin (Part 1)

Hi darlings! It’s my birth month and as always I am hyper expectant and seeing life through rose tinted glasses. June is a very special month for me personally, as it tend to herald the realization of most of my heart desires, dreams and the birth of new dreams.

This year while counting my blessings on the first of June, I suddenly realized that God has indeed blessed me with a select group of people (Apart from my family) who have stuck with me through thick and thin. So today, I want to take out time to publicly acknowledge and appreciate those, whose actions and entrance into my life, shaped, molded and formed the woman I am today.
These special few are the true definition of friendship and am forever thankful that they came into my life and helped me experience life in unique ways.

The list is long, so I will split this post into two parts. In no particular order I want to specially say thank you to.......

My Hero, you know yourself (The rest of you can keep guessing lol) God sent you to me at the time I needed you most, making it impossible for me to ever self-destruct. My ability to love and be loved was nurtured, honed and perfected by you. Your addition to my world made me complete in almost every sense of the word and till date you are still my hero. Words can express my gratitude, love and respect.

Vanylla Onyido, my former best friend and sister turned fre-nemy, then stranger. I’m grateful for the love we shared while it lasted, almost all my formative life stages had your presence and vital input in it. I fought most of my battles and celebrated my victories with you by my side. Pity, we grew up to be completely different individuals. Nevertheless, I am forever thankful and still treasure the friendship-of-life we had.

Agatha Akhigbe, My crazy friend hiding behind a very conservative face. The only one that have truly matched, surpassed and survived my twisted wit, humor, sarcasm, wide jokes and mad irony till date. I thought I held high values and rigid principles, considered in today’s world as stupid and archaic, until I met you. I thank God for bringing you my way and I pray our children find the same perfect match in each other’s wit and companionship like we have.

Ursula Chigbu and Tyna Nwonye, my sisters from another mother, through the hardest times, you were there and today, you still are. Words can’t quantify the love and loyalty I bear toward you both.

Bibi Okosun, My only friend tagged “cousin”. Truly you have proven to be more than a friend, ensuring at your own discomfort, that I always have a ready roof over my head, so I never have to commune long distance if I don’t want to. We had our moments but always we found that wisdom prevailed, thank you for been there for me.

Brenda Ukey, my rockstar friendship of life. A mix of wild child and old fashioned values. I have almost run out of words to express myself. Sufix to say, you are more than a friend and whether you like it or not, you have the dubious honor to be my chief bride-maid, even if I have to hogtie you to the church lol. (Ooooh the things I will do to you #BridezelliaGrin)

Chiamaka George, My mad-kolo-crazy friend and sister. Words can’t express you, cos your personalities are too many to explain. (We need to cast some of them out) Many things I would never have tried, known or experienced vicariously or otherwise, if I didn’t met you. Thank you for reminding me just by been yourself, to have fun and stay young at heart.

Hilda Agho, my former colleague turned bestie of life. I have never seen you express negativity concerning yourself and that more than anything else attracted/impacted me greatly. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. Strength comes to you easily and I am ecstatic that God has rewarded you with a very fruitful life.

Adaze Inneh Okeaya, my latest friend, colleague and telemundo partner. Your humor had made the office a fun place to be while your spirituality has inspired me to do more in feeding my spirit. Thank you for making dreary days fun.

Ifeoma Imoh Adeyinka of Ify Cynthetic Makeovers and Florence Ekpo of Dara Effects, certainly I can’t end this post without your names. You ladies believed in me and MillarefashionTV from the very first and ensured that my dream became a reality, with your amazing talents and inputs. I am forever grateful for that and more.

The list is still long sha but let me rest my fingers for now. You, that think your names should be on this list, abeg before you bring out the guns, wait! I have a part 2 pf this post pending and your name is probably on it so relax.  It won’t hurt if you send in your burnt offerings sharply doe, just to be on the safe side. lol

Illustrations by PENIEL ENCHILL



  1. jealousy wan kill me ooo...when are u going to do a post on your fans na!!

  2. @SYSTNA loooooooooooool! soonest ooooooooo. #sisteroflife

  3. Wow! Remembering friends especially friends from the past is such an awesome thing, and one cannot but respect such one who does remember. Milly, well done, thanks for the mention and making me recall when it all started. continue to wax strong in your endeavours, the sky is your stepping stone

  4. Thank you love. It's bin a great honour to call u friend @Chigbu Ursula

  5. Happy birthday Babes. Have plenty fun. Kool Post. lol.

  6. This post has really touched me so much, taking out your time to appreciate your friends is sweet. Thanks for also being an invaluable part of my existence. Love you doll

  7. @Chamren😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😍 Luv u too doll. Lol

  8. Dear words can express how grateful we are to God for His immeasurable increase,sometimes I think back and I laugh, your stand and decency has inspired me and am proud to tell ladies who want to hear that you don't need to sell urself cheap to get to a great height, keep it up sis, love u

  9. @Tinasuty....awwwww luv. True! We certainly don't and never will Yet WE MADE IT! Luv u alwayz

  10. @Tinasuty....awwwww luv. True! We certainly don't and never will Yet WE MADE IT! Luv u alwayz

  11. Awww I wish we are friends such cool and beautiful things to have to say about pipo that are not exactly blood/family.Love makes the world go round.tumpsup millarefashion I admire u a lot

  12. Hey girl.I sure wasn't going to let this special month of yours slip away without commending your lovely write-up! But, you n I know am just lil' quiet old me. I know nothing abt those stuff u said abt me!! Our friendship has taught me loads about loyalty, friendships across boundaries, the great power behind a blend of two exquisite minds and the awesomeness of our God. Merci beaucoup ma cherie


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