By Millicent Arebun

That feeling of uselessness

 That feeling of uselessness is that which you feel when you see your loved ones hurting and you are powerless to stop, change or take that grief upon yourself.

That feeling of uselessness is what you feel, when you watch with a sense of incredibility the forces of nature overwhelm man’s will, technologies and structures.
That feeling of uselessness is that which you feel when you’ve given your best but find out it isn’t enough.

That feeling of uselessness is what every human feel watching death sting loved ones or innocents.
That feeling of uselessness is what the righteous man feel every time evil triumph over good or the wicked prospers.
That feeling of uselessness is what the romantic feels when his/her rose tinted glasses is wrenched away and shattered by the harsh realities of unrequited, unwanted, underserved or rejected love.
That feeling of uselessness is the bane of man’s abilities and mortality, causing one to question the very essence of life and living.
That feeling of uselessness is the cause of every broken dream, mind or spirit in the world man inhibits

Isn’t it amazing that from this feeling of uselessness, mental, spiritual, financial and physical giants are born and formed?
Isn’t it funny that from this feeling of uselessness, the seeds of immortality and limitless abilities is gleaned and then realized?
It is a known fact that from that feeling of uselessness, comes the strength to push/pull through the darkest nights of a man’s life to the glorious dawn.
When you’ve hit rock bottom remember that the only way to go is UP!


Oh am so fat! Where is my green tea, slimming tea, Lipton tea, ginger tea, tummy reducing tea, fat burring tea and all the numerous teas, that promise us, the false hope that, we can miraculously shed all the unwanted fat in our body, in an instant. 

I recently went shopping with a friend last Saturday, when I casually commented on my current obsession which was, how to destroy any perceived ounce of fat that would dare cling, to any part of my body.
While obsessing, the beautiful lady attendant shot me an incredulous look, tinged with scorn. On seeing the look, I had to ask her “why did you give me that look” and she replied “I see no fat on you, you are perfect the way you are.

 It stuck me then, the insidious deadliness of the THIN-CRAZE.  The fantasy, been sold to us by society, on the covers of fashion magazines, runways, brand  adverts, catwalks, modelling agencies, and most media platforms, is causing millions of girls, the worldwide, turn anorexic, in a bid to become, what they perceive as beautiful.

With vanity sizing the latest trend, in most fashion retail outlets worldwide, the curvy and slim woman, is subconsciously given the notion, that zero is the ultimate beauty size.  Imagine the state of mind, of a healthy teenager who goes to shop at a store, unaware that they  carry vanity sized  clothing, when confronted with the fact that her normal size no longer fits, what do you think she will do next?

The sad truth is that, the “get- thin obsession have become so ingrained these future mothers , that we may have an anorexic plague on our hands, if this issue isn’t addressed. You don’t have to be reed-thin to be beautiful, neither should anyone court obesity, for that is unhealthy. If you are plump, slim, curvy or reed thin by nature, then embrace the beauty that God gave you and ensure you cloth that treasure, with the best fashion possible

Never determine your self worth, beauty or confidence by the size/shape or curve of your body. You are beautiful as you are and for Godsake eat something and stop obsessing.


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