Top Beauty Trends from GTCO FASHION WEEKEND 2023

Fashion Week has come and gone, but the beauty trends and inspiration gleaned from it are here to stay. Beauty enthusiasts had a range of inspiration, from high-voltage statement metallics to super bold lips, reversed cat eyes and double liners, to understated barely-there brows.

The beauty and body diversity displayed on the runways proved that inclusivity has come to stay, and I fully endorse it. Here are five beauty trends to take home from the just-concluded GTCOFSHN WKND.

1. Big, bold lips: Super bold lips are back with a bang, and red is not the color of choice. Think neutral and earth tones for a chic look.

2. Mazi-nude: Minimalist beauty lovers have something to smile about as the barely-there nude makeup still holds firm on the vogue charts. Think flawless and glowing facial skin, light skin-tone matte shadows, lip stain, and gloss.

3. High Drama braids and untextured cornrows: Braids will forever be in vogue but have added extra dramatic inches to their wow factor. Think super long extensions and attachments; you will be right on the money.

4. Eye Drama: From come-hither glances to shady feline slants, the statement-eye makeup trend returns with a smoky tilt. It is all about dressing your eyes to the max, so break out those shadows and eyeliners and get creative.

5. Blushed: It’s time to break out your blush and bright-colored lush palettes! Blush up to your temples fading out towards your face edges to nail this look.

6. Body positivity and diversity: From plus-sized models to body-conscious fashion staples featured on the runways, size diversity is now a beauty trend. So, embrace your size and step out in style, whether small, medium, or plus-sized.





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