It seems, the fashion weirdoes came out of their hood and had a party, at the welcome party for the Kennis music artist, Goldie, who was the last Nigerian to leave the Big Brother House amidst tension and mixed reactions, from fans both home and aboard. Her welcome party which was attended by BBA 2011 winner Karen Igho, other BBA past and previous guest from various countries, Dolapo Oni, DJ Exclusive, the Kennis music family and others , was a style night to remember, as the red carpet was rift, with mind boggling fashion, that brought instant tears to the eyes. From the star queen of the night to others, the fashion was a complete NO-NO, even if themed, as a Halloween or masquerade party. Below are the worst of the lot.

Goldie and her...Hmmmm.....Guests/Fans/Party Crashers...Gawd! the horror of their style! I can feel my style-hair, turning grey in horror, especially @ the wannabe in yellow, with the flagrantly fake LV.  If, LV saw you, he would definately sue you, if he doesn't shoot you first, for design/brand defamation.

Photo credit Bella


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