Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Series: Spa-Tricks

The human body is subject to wear and tear from the rigors of daily living. This strain on our bodies creates discontent in our physical and mental state, causing us to be stressed. The typical ways by which our bodies express their discontent is acne, blemish, wrinkles, dull skin, black circles under our eyes, diseases et al. One sure-fire way to pamper our bodies and keep us our skin beautiful is by visiting the spa. Ideally it’s best to visit the spa at least twice weekly but with the hectic schedule of life, most of us hardly find the time, hence the parade of de, adly dull or ravaged skin and the comic cover up of these facial flaws with expensive beauty products.  In order to look exceptional and have an all-round glowing skin including a physical and mental state of calm, bringing the spa to your home is imperative.  You can create a spa and have a great spa experience right in your bathroom with these simple but powerful spa tricks brought to you from the national daily Fashion & beauty team. Enjoy!

Hydrating Facial Mask:  blend a little cold cream, yogurt, honey, aloe vera gel and avocado. Using a foundation brush, paint on my face, and leave to mask and dry for about 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse. Voila! Your skin feels refresh and moisturized.
Turn Your Shower Into A Sauna: Just turn your shower on and run it at its hottest temperature for about 20 minutes. While the water is running and the steam is building, take a warm washcloth and spray with your favorite relaxing oil. (Lavender, vanilla or rosemary are all great de-stressing aromas.) When you step into your shower, put the washcloth up to your face and take a deep breath of your soothing, oil-scented steam. It’s a great way to unwind right before bed—and it also helps clear up sinuses

Oil up:  To repair and revitalize skin, apply a few teaspoons of 100 percent extra-virgin olive oil onto the dry, freshly cleansed face and neck in a circular motion before your night.
Home-made Scrub: Mix one cup of granulated white sugar with enough vitamin E oil to make a thick paste, head to the tub and scrub it in circular motions all over body. This simple-to-use scrub helps rid skin of dead cells while taking in the nourishment of the vitamin E oil
Get Rid Of Dark & Tough Elbows And Knees Skin: Take a freshly cut lemon and rub gently on rough elbows and knees. The acid in the lemon will soften rough spots on skin and also lighten any dark areas.
Massage: Get your better half, brother, sister, wife, mate or friend to give a much deserved massage and viola.


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