Glamour Spell Series: Matte Finish

Remember those early years when it was vogue to have a pancaked face? Well Gone are the 80s, as are the pancake era and shimmery face makeup look. Does that mean using foundation isn’t cool anymore? The answer is no. The pancake look is now strictly reserved for the broad-way performer, circus or clowns. 

Matte makeup look is vogue as seen all over runways, red carpet, our glam celebrities and any self-respecting fashionista worth her weight in vogue. Matte makeup is like a the lil black dress, dynamic and  ideal for both day or nighttime   
The matte look is all about getting a velvety-smooth finish that doesn't look heavy, caked or molded and it looks great on all skin types. Ditch the dewy or caked makeup look for satin-y skin with the following four glamor tricks to a flawless natural matt look.

Prep Your Skin By Exfoliating And Using Moisturizer: getting the perfect matt look, starts with her a prepped base, which entails a good skin care routine. Treating yourself to a homemade facial that includes steaming, etiolating and scrubbing at least once a week can make a world of difference to your matt finish.  If your skin tends to get oily during the day, use a gentle cleanser, toner and a water-based moisturizer. Establish and stick to a routine so as not to over-cleanse or exfoliate.

Primer: Primers get your skin ready for makeup, giving you a smooth base, causing your makeup to stays in place all day long flawlessly. Always apply your primer on clean, moisturized skin and wait until it's dry to the touch before applying your foundation.

Choose The Right Foundation:  Choosing a lightweight foundation with good coverage is vital. Color-match your foundation by applying a swatch of color along your jaw line and blend down onto the neck. Choosing the right foundation shade and contouring ensures it disappear into your skin, making the giving you a fresh glowing face. Apply, using your fingers, starting at the center of your forehead, blend the foundation outward and add more coverage where it is needed. 

Touch-Up with Press Mineral Powder Only: Avoid powders with shimmer or luminizers for they defeat your mattifying efforts. If you have oily skin, use a fluffy powder brush to lightly dust on shine-prone spots or to your T-zone.


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