ESKADO Spring/Summer 2014 ‘Love Bird’ Collection by Tanzania’s Doreen Noni

Eskado Bird is an evolving Tanzanian fashion and lifestyle brand inspired by the 21st Century Afropolitan movement. The labels collections features, fresh, sensual, alluring silhouettes that complement every woman.
Doreen Noni Creative Director of Eskado Bird effortless talent, contemporary vision and connection to her African roots is apparent in her designs and has fueled her rise in the fashion industry in Tanzania over a very short period of time.
According to Noni “My inspiration to create the label came from my mother, Jacqueline Daniel who set up a Boutique in 1991, then known as Eskado Boutique, naming it after me, her last born and only daughter, Estazia(ES) Kang’wa(KA) Doreen(DO)”, says Doreen. “After discovering that my surname, Noni, is actually a bird from my father’s village, I decided to merge the two names to form a new label that represents my full entity – ESKADO BIRD” explains Doreen.
Her Latest Collection is inspired by the astonishing, luminous and symmetrical shapes of the Kaleidoscopic Love Bird. The multiple reflections seen at the other end of a Kaleidoscope inspired the pattern placement of this collections design.


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