Hair Fabulosity!

Hair styles is nature’s way of granting us changeling magic powers, for it can transform, enhance or distort your face to your advantage or disadvantage. The importance of hairstyles to fashion lovers and stylists cannot be overemphasized.  You can spot a pixie, fierce, sassy, flirty, afro, sleek, elegant, hard, or feline look with a simple change of hair style.
Choosing a new hair style can be almost overwhelming, for women in our corner of the world. The strain of constantly choosing hairstyle bi-weekly or more, sometimes take its toll on us, tempting one to stick to a known flattering hairstyle forever.  
The tick to overcoming this ennui, is to map out a hair course for six months. Simply decide on a look you want to have, that can be achieved in varying styles. For instance, if you decide on a soft feminine look that is trendy, elegant and yet dynamic, a long weave is the answer. You can rock the C-Curve, side or center parting, with or without a full or short fringe.  The long weave can be styled in a hundred different ways that will keep your face and looks dynamic for a long while.  (Same goes for the short bob hairstyles and dreadlocks)
Currently in vogue in our corner of the world is the short afro curls, short hairs, big braids, pop-colored dyed short haircuts,  Mohawk, dreadlocks, full fringe long weave extensions, side fringe, high and low punk, pony tails, C-curve long weave parting, bob, et all.
Below are pictorials for your hair style inspiration.


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