Christmas Wish-list For the Stylish Man

Compliments of the season people! The very air is rife with expectations, love and that lovely antsy feeling, everyone get at the thought of unwrapping lots of gifts, meant solely for you. Sadly a lot of us, haven’t yet shopped for our loved ones, simply because we are stumped for ideas, on what to buy them for this very special season. If you fall in that category, then worry no more, for we have complied the top ten wish list, of every fashion lover worth his or her salt in style.

Contrary to common belief, fashion lovers can’t simply get enough of fashion staples, for we are
always currently coveting, one fashion item or the other. Buying a fashionista, one more perfume to add to her shelves, will not cause her style heart to go pitty-pat, as much as buying her a trendy Prada bag, which all her friends covert would. The same rules goes for the fashionist, who would give you, his undying love if you get him, a pair of a new Burberry flash geek glass, tan iPad/tablet case or Ankara waist coat rather than another boring Ferragamo belt. The trick in buying the perfect Christmas fashion present, for your loved ones is simple and we have made it even more simple by compiling, the following currently coveted fashion items for the stylish gent.

Car, any four wheel drive. All is fair in love and war, so cross the gender lines drawn by our African ancestors and buy or upgrade the cars driven by your favorite males  this season

Samsung's 105-inch TV. What better way to show your love and support for your man weird passion that gifting him with a bigger screen to indulge his love for football and guy-time with friends.

 Round-trip tickets to exotic locations. Yes you can! Gift the men in your life with a roundtrip ticket to somewhere fun, beautiful and relaxing. You may just get lucky and come away with the coveted life time commitment ring.

  Channel your inner Santa for a day and become his every positive wish come true. I bet you can say YES to at least 90 percent of what your man or son want for just one day out of 366 days in a year. Be Santa for a day and put a smile on the faces of your loved ones this Christmas.

    Other Christmas gift items include: Duffel Bag, Tailored Blazer, Polo, Levi Jeans, Pop hued Pants, Orange Culture Print shirt, Taylor Gabriel Navy suits, Ferragamo dress shoe and Sandals, Burberry Trench Eyewear, Native Cap, Ray Bans, Ankara or Batik shorts and pants, Signature Scent (Try Disel Only for the Brave), Beads leather tong wristbands, The flat cap, Pop In A Pocket Square (Pocket Kerchief), Lux Leather Wallet, Statement Wristwatch et al 


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