Outfit Post: Boy Envy

"Looking good is the best mood lifter or anti-depressant ever created''- Millicent Arebun
Heading out last Saturday, under the scorching oppressive heat of the sun was a pain but I had to head to the saloon for a change of hair style. All I wanted to do was simply curl up in the fetus position, in a fully chilled room and magically have a new hair styled. Alas, my wish wasn’t granted.
Certainly not in a mood to dress up, I simply threw on this oversized black chiffon shirt, that's been hanging in my closet since it was gifted to me, by mom mid-last year over my African print shorts and Voila! I instantly cheered up and accessories the look which I’ve now tagged 'Boy-Envy" with iridescent glasses, face cap and studded splerry flats.
Truly "looking good is the best mood lifter or anti-depressant ever created'' so next time you are feeling blue, under the weather or just too hot to be cheery, browse some fashion magazine/blogs and head to your closet for some much needed cheer.


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