The Ambition and Ability Gap

Hi darlings. Are you ambitious? Most would of you, would give me an emphatic YES! After all, that’s why you are schooling, working, or doing whatever you are currently doing. To most individuals, it’s all about the next level, the money, power or just simple comfort, for ourselves and loved ones. The drive to succeed in life, is often tagged ambition but is ambition,, really what we need to attain the elusive happily-ever-after, that we think success will deliver?

 While having lunch earlier, I came across these words of William Feather “The tragedy is that so many have ambition and so few have ability”.
The terrible gap between ambition and ability in many individuals, is the reason we have so many crime in our nation.  Fueled by the twin monsters, greed and ambition, crime is inevitably the lifestyle of an ambitious fellow who hasn’t married ability to ambition.

The first step to achieving the success we all crave, is to “identify the inherent ability in you and hone it into a viable skill” -Millicent Arebun. 
There is no human on earth that is born without an ability, the trick is to identify and develop it. Once you marry your abilities with ambition, you become an unstoppable force that nothing can stop. In other words your success is inevitable! All you need add is perseverance and tenacity and voila!

What is your ability? Have you discovered it? If not, take out time today to identify what you are innately good at and you will find the task of succeeding a whole lot more fun.


  1. this hair is everything milly. I think I have discovered my ability what is also important is discovering ones inabilities.

  2. @Desola Mako So true! Discovering ones inabilities is vital oo. Will add that to my body of knowledge. Thanks luv

  3. Wow! Millicent, this is truth. I didn't know there was such information here. Nice one. Please let's see more. I've hooked your website to automatically tweet our Bar Baric STYLE Twitter account, so that all our followers can have access to your posts. Have a great day!


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