Office Chic: Vintage Collared Shirt x Peplum Skirt

Fashion can be defined as a language for the expression of individualism. This is why, billions of people wake up every day with the options of a skirt, blouse, trouser or shirt; but still come out looking unique and different from the next individual, even though both are wearing identical suits.

Looking stylish to the office is as important as dressing up to impress a new date, surprise a frenemy, walk the red carpet or have dinner with the president.  For the male folks, wearing a striped shirt with digital prints tie or worse a striped tie is guaranteed to not just make the trained observer wince in style-pain but also project incompetence and indiscipline as regards to the job.

The sayings, “dress the ways you want to be addressed” is an apt expression for the female who dresses nattily, too provocatively or look like a drab queen in a bid to either win over or be part of the boys. There is a fine line between looking good enough to be perceived as capable or seen as a fluke or worse a louse.

Faced with this dilemma every weekday, it is almost a feat worthy of awards to dress correctly, yet stylishly to work every work day for the past five years of my life. Sometimes, it's a drag but most times the results are worth the effort. Today am wearing a vintage toffee colored plaited work shirt, paired with my MNG knee length peplum brown skirt and my favorite Clarks tan bag. I completed the look with Zara Woman black pumps on my feet, a smile on my face and Zaron 04 Royale matte stain on my lips.

What do you think?

Photography: Jefferson Arebun for Millarephotos
Peplum Skirt: MNG
Vintage Shirt: Naracamicie
Black Pointies: Zara Woman
Bag: Clarks
Lipstick: Zaron 04 Royale


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