Awning of Dreams

Hi darlings, what are you up to today? Are you one of those that presume that everyone else is having a better time than you? If so here is a motivational piece written by my superhero to get your through the darkest times, assuring you that the strength to push through the night to your glorious dawn is within YOU.
Awning of Dreams
With a little sprinkling of liquid sunshine
Light wedges its foot firmly in the crack of dawn
Allowing just a single day to slip through
From the hordes of mornings barricaded by night
Given that this flesh we wear is a lesson
Which we must learn and move on
Though we daily expect thunderstorms of blessings
The persistent vision of disguised opportunities
Plagues our memory on end
Producing times when trials bend our knees till we seemingly kneel
Right on the very spot that the devil fell when he was cast out of heaven
But knowing now that you become what you believe
That we all did not commune here on earth
For only waltzes, fox-trots, tangos, azonto and shoki,
We should feed on our tribulations
Till we render ourselves impervious
To the blows of its gargoyle hands
Dine with fear on end
Till we hold as our own
The talisman of its invincibility
Besides, since the Almighty made us in His image
Then hidden in the deepest recesses of our being
Lays the strength to unlock in us
The strength to prevail against all odds
So, we must never deceive ourselves that all is well with another and not us
But remember instead
That the future is pure and proud
And despite its wish to privately unfold
Only you can touch it and make it your own.

Written by Chidozie Onuoha


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