The I-Am-Fat-&-Cool-with-It Smokescreen

Hi Ade, how far?... ahhh, you have added ooh!
Reply: leave it for me, I am big and proud of it. Men like something to hold, not stick and bones like you jare. lol

This is an example of a typical conversation between ladies since forever. Despite this avowal of being" big and cool with it" typical with today's ladies, in the privacy of their rooms, standing naked in front of the mirror, the unvarnished truth is revealed. You're fat and not big!

These days it seems the (APC) politically correct thing to do is embrace your love for fat in order to avoid been stoned by the now self-righteous public and publishing organizations who in recent past, glorified, worshiped and adored all things thin and pencil shaped.

In this new age of political correctness, it seems everyone from Hollywood to the girl next door, has become the "plus-sized" princess advocate overnight. Suddenly being fat is the nu cool, to hell with being healthy. Anyone who is stupid enough to voice the hidden thought in the dark corner of everyone's mind is shredded and crucified on the altar of social acceptability.

What is plus-sized anyway? Is it a size 18 healthy girl or a size 14 overweight princess too lazy to exercise and eat healthily?

I have always opined that "being fat is not in the size". A size 8 female with love handles and bulging belly is FAT! Yes, fat! The same way a size 18 lady with overlapping stomach and jiggly arms is FAT not plus-size.

The perpetuation of shows like "drop dead diva" (who eats donuts and fat filled pies perpetually without bursting an artery anyway) and "plus-sized" fashion shows is not helping matters. We are moving from a generation obsessed  with size to a generation trying to overcompensate for their folly by breeding a generation of overweight and unhealthy divas.

Stations like Telemundo (not Africa magic) where you see a big girl (size 18) all healthy and without an ounce of fat on her is the very definition of big and beautiful (not plus-sized)

In a nutshell, let's celebrate size and not fat. It doesn't matter if you are size 0 or size 20, as long as you are in shape, we can celebrate you for been truly healthy and beautiful!


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