Pearls of the Greatest Price

Hello darlings, This motivational masterpiece was written by my darling husband Chidozie Onuoha  to see you through life's storm. Reminding you of your "source", the power of response and the hidden strength that lies within you. 

Pearls of the greatest price

Though it’s clear that Paradise is not here
Each morning bears faint echoes of the ONE who made us
And sometimes manifesting in signs too brief to measure

With delicate feet, they fleetingly parade
Ever reminding us to never fear the storm
Since it’s our Father who made the wind

Hence, when humbling situations arise and send you in orbit around them
May defiance arouse and suggest in you a response of strong will and strength
Rather than conduct akin to hovels of wood creaking in a gale

Also, as each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you
Endeavor to entertain only those bonds that multiply the good of life
And as such divide the evil and bring them to naught

Therefore, as each day you pursue dreams both old and in the future waiting
Cherish each moment you are spared and granted
And may thanksgiving mark your every turn of phrase

Also, never forget but remember always
That you are perfection flawlessly embodied
Truly knowing yourself will invite no other comparison

So, be it now, be it ever
Grant no one the power to embarrass your ambition
For they are your pearls of the greatest price

Written by Chidozie Onuoha
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