6 Tips to Grow Your Nails Like Mine #TeamNatural

Hi, darlings. The nails pictured above is mine and all natural. No silicone, no wrappings, nothing! I just coated it in purple varnish twice and viola!. isnt that rad? You can also grow your own natural nails easily with the few tips I share with you below↓.

In today's world where almost everything is artificial  and oh soooo expensive, its best to keep things as real or natural as possible. Not only is #Team Natural healthy, it's certainly the most wise route to go in the current horrific economic climate we are facing in our wonderful "CHANGE" regime.
Here are some tips on growing long natural nails like mine⏬
  • Stop chewing on your nails. I was one of those annoying humans that had a bad habit of chewing on my nails when bored, nervous or deep in thoughts. if you are one of those STOP IT NOW!. you won't believe the nail growth you will achieve once you leave it the heck alone😏
  • Never cut your nail with your teeth. Yes, i am one of those guilty of this too. cutting your nail with your teeth is not only harzadous to your health but promotes rapid nail breakage due to the uneven ridges and cracks it creates on your nail edges. 
  • Eat healthy. A balanced diet with lots of leafy greens and calcium (Milk or yogurt) does wonders for your nail growth. Try it delibrately for a month and you will be amazed at the results. 
  • Water! Water! Water!- This may sound like a cliche but it can not be overemphasied. Water keeps your nails hydrated which in turn promotes very strong healthy nails. 
  • Invest in Quality Nail varnish/Polish. You can't polish your nails with Iya bisi under bride and expect your nails to grow strong and healthy. Iya Bisi nail polish used on your nails may have been bought under #100 by the dozen and mixed with 'ororo' hardner whenever she decides it's too thick due to exposure. If you must go to Iya bisi"s place under the bridge to coat your nails (Like me💆💃) go with your own nail polish biko. We have great nail brands in Nigeria, for instance, Vane, Glam, Sally Hasen et al
  • Your Nail File is Boo. - For every crack on your nails, your fairy nail-god-mother, the nail file is always ready to come to your rescue, if you would only buy and carry one everywhere you go like MTN😎
That is all my darlings. Adhere to these 6 tips and I gurantee that you will boast of instagram worthy nails before too long

Photography: My Samsung Note3


  1. these tips are very helpful as my nails are quite weak and are always breaking. you have beautiful nails! xx

    1. Thank you Demilade. Am glad you found it useful. Dont forget to let me know how it goes. #huigesmile

  2. Tnx sweet i followed these tips and am seeing massive result on my nails. Kisses



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