Fashion identity

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and bamboozled by the shell volume of the ever changing seasonal fashion trends? flicking wide eyes through the fashion sites, blogs and magazines wondering if you are too young for that trench coat or too old for that gypsylook?                                                                                                                                      well wonder no more for here's the magic that makes everything easier, all you need to do is answer one simple question...what's your fashion identity?......... don't know? well its simple!
There are five common fashion identity, the doll, the classic, the vamp, the gypsy/hippy/rock star and the glam queen.
THE DOLL - this style ranges from the sweet and sugary to the raunchy and the look hinges on the feminine fabrics, colors and figure clinging shapes. if you always go for cloths and accessories that are cute, flirty or ultra girlie or your wardrobe is populated by slip dress, strappy sandals, long voile flowered skirts, little cute handbags/purse and oh yes! the signature color 'pink' then you are definitely a doll.
THE CLASSIC - the classic fashionist both male or female is a minimalist at heart, to them a simple sharp profile or silhouette is sexier than a great cleavage any day. If you basically adore and see the multiple advantage of a white jean, or the allure of a simple cut suit, or you love sticking to one color and augmenting it with vibrant characters and accessories then you are definitely in this category.
THE VAMP – for the ones in this category, their principle is that a glove fit and dramatic cut make is what separates the women from the girls and the men from the boys, if you like your cloths skin tight, sexy, and dramatically structured to enhance and show case your figure with a natural tendency to favor the use of strong make-up, then you are undisputedly a vamp.    Your wardrobe most likely consists of dress slit to the tights, high heels, plunging necklines, and your signature color red, blacks and primary colors,                                                                                                                   (favorite designers they tend are Yves St Laurent, Vivienne Westwood)
THE GYPSY/ROCK STAR/HIPPY - if your wardrobe is an like an Aladdin cove filled with cloths that evoke thoughts of exotic places and vibrant colors that should naturally clash but on you look perfect then indeed you have found your place. You are totally into colors and can’t resist sparkly things. For the bohemian and rock star if you can’t resist leather, tight demin, boots, wide belts or anything with an antique or ethnic feel.                                                                                                                 ( favorite designers they tend to are Valentino, Fendi )
THE GLAM QUEEN/KING - have you been reading this piece and is perplexed because you don’t fall into any one of these categories but find traces of your fashion identity in all the them?  Congratulations for you are among the special few that can on a whim be anyone of the fashion personalities and still look great. If anything you put on instantly looks great and perfect for you even if its a woolen rag then you are a glam queen or king.                                                                                                               (fTheir favorite designers is any and all)
Knowing your fashion personality makes it easier for you to pick out from the mountain of new trends what's applicable to you. Once you have singled out what concerns you then you find it easy to make and stick to a trendy choice.
FASHION TIP:  It's important you know that flexibility is the key, so as not to be boxed into a fashion mould for life.


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