The idea behind my N18m suit-----Alex Amosu

Many will consider it crazy, stupid, extravagant, outrageous or simply in the Nigerian parlance, money-miss-road to purchase a suit for £70,000. But to Alexander Amosu, entrepreneur par excellence who is the luxury designer of Bespoke Suits, perception is the key. Being the designer of the world’s most expensive suit which is duly certified by the Guinness Book of Records, he sure has got class. In this chat with Millicent Arebun, he reveals his inspiration in creating the out-of-the-world N18m masterpiece of a suit.

What is the inspiration behind  your label?
The inspiration behind it is trying to create something more unique, different; something you have not seen before.  So you know, it’s not just about wearing a normal suit, but about  wearing an ingenious suit which means that the buttons, the fabrics, the style and cut are all very luxurious, come to think of it the gadget are very high end so that’s basically what Alexander Amosu is about. It is about creating products that are exclusive but also great I’m a designer, I design bespoke suits ,jewelry, luxury suits and anything I can get  my hands on.
 During your presentation at the Arise Fashion Week Lagos recently, there was a suit that was presented on a mannequin protected by  heavy security with the handler of the suit wearing gloves, why such drama?
The idea behind the show  is that if you are going to create the world’s most expensive suit, there is a style and elegance in terms of the type of persons to wear it; it’s just not for the everyman. So the style behind that is just to showcase the fact that suit is in the Guinness Book of Records and it is the most expensive suit in the world.  So a little bit of care had to be taken,  maybe a bit dramatic, with the  security but that is how we like to do it.
You say it’s the most expensive suit in the world, how much is it worth? 
It costs £70,000 which is about a $120 000 and N18m in Nigerian currency.
Did you create the world most expensive suit by design or accident?
It a little bit of both; when I want to do something I always want to do it better that anybody else.  So I wanted my creation to be unique and the best.  My aim was to create the best suit and of course creating the best suit mandated that I use the best fabric for example  Quivic, Pashmina and Vicuna which are some of the rarest fabric in the world; it takes about three years to grow on a particular animal. So everything involved in the making of the suit is the best and rarest quality that can be found in the whole world .
How old is your label and do you have a presence in Nigeria?
The label has been on for two years now and no I don’t have a landed store anywhere in the world.
So If I want to buy an Amosu suit, how do I get it?
It’s simple, just go to my website,  and send us an email and we will send our tailors to you no matter where you are in the world; we measure you, get the fabric and make the suit.  Then you can proudly  say you are wearing an Alexander Amosu.
Can your designs be gotten off the shelves?
Strictly bespoke, you can never ever get anything out of us that is off the shelves, it has to be made to your body shape, otherwise we won’t be interested in making your suit.
So what is your fashion advise to the Nigerians that wants to rock your suit?
My advice is very simple and concise, pick up the phone if you want to be different and give me call!
What’s fashion to you?
Fashion to me is about a man who looks good in a suit, that is what style is to me; once you look good in a suit, you got me.
So far, how has the reception been to the line you presented at the fashion week?

the reception has been great.Lots of people now know about the brand and am still getting great reviews and reactions.


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