Pearls power.
Millicent Arebun
Pearls is one jewel stone that you just can’t get tired of, its inherent timeless ageless quality is why, of all the jewel stones in the existence, it’s the special bonding stone chosen to be passed down from generations to generations by moms to their daughters and also the best choice of wedding jewelry. The versatility of pearls is such that you can use it to transform or accentuate any outfit to whatever theme you desire be it gypsy, ladylike, classy, bohemian , retro glam and so on. The high demand on this stone has made the natural pearls almost extinct and impossibly expensive, nowadays the cultured pearls is the answers to our prayers for what would we possibly do without our pearls. Due to the rarity of this stone it’s of utmost importance that we know how to take care of and maintain our pearls. I’m sure you are thinking…hey Millicent , how do we pair it with our outfit? The truth is you just can never go wrong with pearls just remember that if you are aiming for the gypsy/bohemian look you must ensure you are wearing multiple layers of long pearls while for he classic look you should wear short single layers
 Pearl maintenance
  •  Washing: wash the jewelries by immersing them in warm, soapy water.
  •  Drying : damp velvet cloth with vegetable oil or lanolin and rub dry gentle..
  • Storage:  a cotton or silk lined jewelry box is best for pearls.
  • Hydration: rubbing them regularly with a cloth soaked in sandalwood oil helps to hydrate and avoid fracturing.


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