Frenzy of Wraps.
By Milliare

The African head wraps which is common place to her citizens and usually worn as a religious, traditional or cultural accessory, has amazingly become a major fashion haute couture rave, that has gained surprising international recognition and popularity. Thanks to the new crop of proudly innovative African designers across the globe plus the fashion world craze for all things African, the turban or African head wraps is now a must–have fashion staple, that add instant ethnic chic, retro-glam or funky edge to any outfit.                                                                                                                                                            The versatility and sophistication of the head wraps or turban is such that, it can be used for almost all occasions and yet perfect as an emergency accessory on bad hair days, when we re too hot to be bothered with our hair/ weaves or just want to flaunt our proudly African heritage .
Guideline to wrapping it up
Ø  Ensure your makeup is flawless with emphasis on perfectly lined brows, light eye shadows, kohl-lined eyes, a tease of blush, and light/bold lip depending on the look you want to achieve. Caramel is a perfect shade of lipstick to showcase your facial profile and turban perfectly.

Ø   Ensure your turban doesn’t clash in patterns to the outfit you’ve picked out to go with it. Choose vibrant flirty earthy tones in your head wraps to add a touch or dash of fiery to your cloths.

Ø  Chunky, wedge, platform heads are great with turbans to give u a funky chic look when paired with casual. Whatever you do, realize that heels is the keys to picking out the shoes to match.


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