ARISE Magazine Fashion WEEK 2012 UNVIELS THE LUCKY 77

77 designers from six continents participates in this year highly anticipated biggest fashion event to hold in Africa. Due to the phenomenal response to participate in the much anticipated, ARISE Magazine Fashion Week, which last year hosted 5,000 guests, 51 designers, 81 models, 5 musical acts over three days – ARISE organisers have announced that it will return to Lagos in March 2012, only this time it will feature 77 participants from 6 continents – including designers as far away as India, the Caribbean, USA, Europe and Africa. The ARISE Magazine Fashion Week Lagos 2012 fashion extravaganza will run for an extended period of SIX days from Tuesday 6th March to Sunday 11th March 2012 in THREE tents on the grounds of the luxurious 5-Star Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria.
 The event will end on the night of Sunday 11th March 2012 with the spectacular ARISE Magazine Fashion Awards where each designer will hope to secure a Golden Ticket to showcase their designs at the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2012 this September.
Award-winning New York-based producer, Kevin Krier & Associates and celebrated UK-based Inca Productions have been appointed AMFW 2012 show producers. 
ARISE Magazine founder Nduka Obaigbena says: “There has been a surge of interest from around the world including major UK and  American brands this year, following our successful inaugural event last year, which is why we have decided to give even more  designers an opportunity to participate. The world has recognised that Nigeria has much to offer in the way of vibrancy and extraordinary talent in abundance making it the cultural capital of Africa. Once more we are proud to be associated with nurturing  new designers from the vast continent – and continuing our support of those who are more well-known in Nigeria and in the  Diaspora.”


 Adama-Paris (Senegal/France), 

Amine Bendriouich Couture and BS (Germany/Morocco)
Amrapali (India), 
Angelo Van Mol (Belgium/Ghana)
 Be-Grey (Nigeria)
Bestow Elan (UK/Ghana)
 Bridget Awosika (Nigeria)
Buki Akib (UK/Nigeria), 
CHICHIA (UK/Tanzania), 
Christie Brown (Ghana), 
CLAN (Nigeria), 
David David London (UK),
 Davida (Nigeria), Duaba Serwa (Ghana)
Ejiro Amos Tafiri (Nigeria),
Eki Orleans (UK/Nigeria)
 Frank Osodi (Nigeria)
Funlayo Déri (UK/Nigeria)
Gavin Rajah (South Africa)
Gloria Wavamuno (Uganda)
HOUSE of DIVAS (Nigeria)
House of Farrah (Nigeria)
House of Nwocha (Nigeria)
 Imane Ayissi (France/Cameroon)
 Jacob Kimmie (UK/South Africa)
Jewel by Lisa (Nigeria)
 Kastle Designs & Treasure Chest (USA/Ghana)
 Kaveke (Kenya/UK), Kevan Hall (USA)
Kezia Frederick (UK/St.Lucia), Kiki Clothing (Ghana)
Kinabuti (Italy)
 Klûk-CGDT (South Africa)
Koke (Botswana/India)
Korto Momolu (USA/Liberia)
Lanre Da Silva Ajayi (Nigeria)
 LaQuan Smith (USA)
Laurenceairline (France/Ivory Coast)
Loza Maléomsho (USA/Ivory Coast)
Madam Wokie's Couture (Sierra Leone)
 Mai Atafo (Nigeria), Maki-Oh (Nigeria)
Mataano (USA/Somalia), Meena (Nigeria)
 Mustafa Hassanali (Tanzania)
NKWO (UK/Nigeria)
Odio Mimonet (Nigeria)
Okunoren Twins (Nigeria)
 Osman (UK)
Paul Hervé ELISABETH (Martinique)
Poisa (Kenya), Re Bahia (UK/Nigeria)
Sandra Kennedy (Jamaica)
Sandra Muendane (Mozambique/Portugal)
 Sunny Rose (Nigeria/UK)
Taibo Bacar (Mozambique)
the Vessel. By Lois (USA/Jamaica)
Tiffany Amber (Nigeria)
Timo Welland (USA/South Africa)
Tsemaye Binitie (UK/Nigeria), U.Mi-1 (UK/Nigeria)
Virgos Lounge (UK/Nigeria)
Viv La Resistance (Nigeria), 
William Okpo (USA/Nigeria) 
 Zekaryas Solomon (Eritrea/UK).


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