Bold, Bright & Exotic

Nothing spreads fast fashion cheer and confidence as, indulging oneself by investing in something BRIGHT, BOLD and EXOCTIC (BBE). Sometimes, we fall into what we call "fashion funk" whereby we prowl around our homes or area wearing sloppy and grab-whatever-i-can-reach-clothing. The BBE style staples are definitely one surefire way to perk you up and release those energies creatively and stylishly while adding instant glam to the most casual or drab outfits. So this week if you are at home, spice up those shorts and tank tops with BBE accessories or if you are out on the streets, spread some fashion cheer by adding color to your outfits with some bold, bright and exotic for there is no conceivable reason on earth to look drab or sloppy.
Rhinestone jewelry, Chunky bracelets, Vintage and heavily embellished brooches, Gypsy Necklaces in multiple layered strands, Retro belts, Exotic neckies and pashamina in tartan and woolen fabrics drenched in colors, and Huge rings.
Bright & studded platforms, Dark hued & spiky heeled peeptoes, Pop colored wedges, Flashy frilly sandals/slippers and skinned leather clutch in pop colors.
Zebra patterned dresses
Capri pants in jungle colors
Maxi gowns in digital prints
Satin blouses in single primary colors


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