By Millicent Arebun

Flipping through fashion magazines, have you ever wondered why the cover girl and other models scattered across the pages, look so perfectly flawless, especially their faces? Well, I have wondered, researched, and came to the startling discovery that, pulling off the flawless look is all about perfect eye makeup application, in particular, the lashes.
Long Lush lashes are considered a sign of femininity in some cultures till date, little wonder, the correct lash makeup application is vital, to ensuring a flawless ultra feminine look / face. Applying makeup to your lashes is simple but tricky, for any mistake can result in disaster, so from your friendly genie, here are some fast/simple application tips that you just can’t fail with.

Applications Tricks

#1.   Choose first a quality mascara that has volume and lengthening qualities, then apply with your brush starting from the base. Wriggle or roll your wand so that the bristles can catch as many lashes as possible , then pull toward the tips. This causes your lashes to be fully stretched out.

#2.  Recoating twice for natural lashes is great but for faux lashes no more than three coats so as not to have heavy clumpy looking lashes. For both natural or faux ensure each layer is completely dry before recoating .

#3.  After drying, brush through with a lash brush that isn’t dipped in mascara to separate lashes and remove clumps.

#4. Eye lashers curlers are perfect for opening the eyes, adding volume and making your lashes appear longer

Tip : faux lashes are great but its best you try and grow yours by applying eyelash creams and conditionerswhich will treat and grow your lashes in a matter of months, because ‘natural absolutely trumps faux anytime’.


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