Bared Backs, De New Sexy!
Millicent Arebun

Gone are the days of plunging necklines and scoop neck fashion staples, that made grown men drool and less endowed fashionistas, go pea green with envy. The new “sexy” in the fashion world is bared backs! (as a former pea green fashionista, am very
Trending on catwalks, runways, red carpet events and even casual social gatherings, the bared backs are back on the fashion trends chats again, with no intentions of leaving soon. Populating global fashion designers creations for autumn and summer, the bared backs are simply irresistible to fashion lovers this season.
Though trending, it’s essential to know the basic rules needed to look glam on this staple, else, one ends up looking skinny, underweight, or a cloth rack.
·         Buying your exact sixe or a size under (for those with thin arms and shoulder) is best, so as not to have, the backless sleeves falling off your shoulder/arms, especially for long sleeves.

·         With the backless trend, it’s best to keep the frills, tassels, or embellishments on your dress/blouse to a minimum. The less fuss the more dramatic your silhouette.

·         For your short dress staples, go bold and wild on your accessories, to glam up the outfit, or bold yet simple, to style your dress, casual chic.

·         For your backless evening gown, think high drama and 70s, in your accessories choice and will definitely hit the glam mark.

·         To get the ultimate vavavoom-mega-glam look, for the backless style trend, keep your shoes ultra glam, high heeled and mega bold in bright hues, while keeping your accessories to the barest minimum. (no necklace or neckpiece for a power-glam statement)

·         Never ever let your bra straps show! Invest in a pair of sticky bra cups, half bras, or go braless, if you can without causing a riot.



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