Millare Prose: Love & Shadows

Love and Shadows.
By Millicent Arebun
It's often sad, the way we pour our feelings into shadows, and expect to receive anything back in return. It's a vicious circle most ladies, have found themselves in and after series of failed relationships and heartbreaks littering their path, they become an emotional minefield. I get a lot of people lamenting on the big question "WHY". Why me? Why not me? Why can't he love me? Why, why, why? It an irritating incessant refrain, that they just can't quit, yapping about. 

Truth is, you haven't discovered that you aren't in a relationship with anyone but shadows. Shadows by definition cannot give back! No mater how much you pour into it, it simply swallow it up. It reflects nothing and gives nothing back! It's empty! Learn to differentiate between "men and shadows" 

Sadly, lots of us have Shadows in our lives, be it man or woman. That friend who is always there through "thick" but is suspiciously absent through "thin". That fiancé/boyfriend/lover who is always happy to talk about anything as long as it is all about him, who clams up the minute, any talk of "the next step” is mentioned. Who treats you like shit while demanding a king's treatment, who is a serial cheat while advocating fidelity and demanding it as his birthright...... 

The list is pathetically endless, it's time we realise that shadows don't love back. My advice;  take a breather and find your "sun" and I guarantee your "shadow" will take a much deserved walk,  for shadows don't show up in sunlight. 


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