The favourite expression, on most ladies face these days while posing for the camera, is the sexy pout, unfortunately, most of them get an adverse reaction, from their audience due to their unsexy lipstick application.
Studies has shown that, there is no such thing as an unsexy lips. All you need, to have the perfect pout or come hitter- killer smile, is knowing  which lip shade to use and how to apply it. The trick to determining, which lip shade to apply, lies in the event, occasion and purpose. For office use, light creamy lipsticks shades are advised, while for casual outings and red carpet events, the hue/shade of lipstick, is determined by your outfit.

Guidelines to a perfect pout:
·         Exfoliate your lips-  No one wants to even look at dry flaky cracked lips and wearing lipsticks on flaky lips is tantamount to makeup suicide.

·         Moisturise your lips- your lips is part of your body and also needs moisturizing. Invest in some lip balm and cream today.
·         Line your lips with a lip-liner shade close to your skin color

·         Use your lip brush to fill in the corners of your lips until the shade perfectly covers your entire lips.

·         Add a touch of gloss to the middle of your bottom lips and smack your lips together to distribute the shine. The gloss reflects light to create the illusion of fuller lips.


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