Genevieve Nnaji

It seems the pumps/platforms have refused, to give way to other shoe types, as it continues to hold the number one spot, on shoe charts world wide, in terms of red carpet shoes. This week we will explore other options, as it seems wearing pumps on the red carpet, is now considered boringly safe and can be termed fashion conservative.


One fashionista, I always cite, as an example of shoe fearlessness, is the lovely Eku Georgina Edewor.  Now this a lady, you won’t catch wearing pumps to almost all events, in fact, you are less likely to see her in pumps ,than in sling-backs stilettos, wedges, rhinestones sandals, criss-cross slippers and so on. Depending on your dress, take a breather and consider other options, than the  safe pumps, when considering, what shoe to wear to that party or event. Below is a pictorial of the lovely Eku ,and the different shoes, she matched to her different dresses. Take a page from her looks and incorporate it into yours.



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