Tattoos! A visual menace or Auspicious trend?

DJ Sose

Is it just me or are tattoos, on the Nigerian social scene, becoming a “sight-menace” with visual harmful effects, to innocent citizens, going about their everyday activities.
 It’s absolutely ridiculous, the way we copy western or imported trends, without incorporating a lick of sense, in personalizing it to fit our values, personal style or culture. The tattoo rave that is currently gripping the Nigerian celebrity sect, is a perfect example of a failed imported trend. It’s almost as if, imprinting (...defacing...)  tattoos on ones’ body in Naija, is now an affirmation to self, that one is a “star” or have “arrived”
An perfect case study of how far gone, we are, in this body “defacement”, is the lovely lady, in the picture above! Please somebody! Is this defacement of the body or not. When we post bills on, beautiful edifices/fence or walls in a structured society, it is considered a crime. The same rule applies, for the beautiful lady above, who has just committed a huge style/fashion/personal and social blunder (crime), by defacing her lovely body, with this grotesque-unbecoming, sight-assaulting and cringe-inducing  tattoo.

Chris Brown

Don’t get it twisted, tattoos are not in itself wrong. In fact tattoos, can be wonderful/sexy body adornment, when done properly,  as regards to shade, style, size, for it is, an art in itself.  Though some tattoos, may not make sense to the onlooker, it usually connotes deep philosophical meanings/slogans or mantra, to the tattooed individual.  This seems not, to be the case in recent times, as, we are continually assaulted, at social gatherings, events, or even religious gatherings, with huge grotesque tattoos, that seems to jump out and assault your visual senses, as soon as, you are unfortunate enough to look their way.

Tonto Dike

Some individuals, are wise enough to tease with a peek  or cover up their tattoos, when an occasion demands it ,for instance, Nigerian Nollywood star Tonto Dike, while others don’t bother.
Megan Fox
Style advice: If you absolutely, must have a tattoo, please make it pleasing, to the beholder and not offensive , for perception is the magical key, to dream-making or dream-breaking opportunities. Besides it’s my personal opinion, that the lady in the aforementioned picture above, will wake up someday soon and realise that she is neither, Li Wayne, Rick Ross or Nelly, and get sick of looking at that hideous super-extra-large tattoo on her collarbone. When that happen, she should hope, she has the finance and strength to bear up, with the pain of erasing a tattoo. (shakes head sadly)
Lastly, tattoos are never, a status affirmation accessory! Hian!
Xoxo Milllare
(wipes spit and flex fingers) lol.


Peter Okoye One half of the pop duo Psquare



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