When I listened to Rosemary Fiki music for the first time, all I could think was, ‘wow’! Such amazing vocals!  As an editor and blogger, I get lots of mails from people globally, trying to convince me of their talents, very rarely do any of them, actually pan out. When I got the mail from Natalie Hick, the Executive Director of Creative Strategy FitzHitz Music Group LLC,  introducing Rosemary and her music, I was intrigued and immediately looked up the link. I couldn't believe the raw talent, soul and emotion drenched lyrics, I head coming out from my computer.
Perhaps by now, you are wondering, who is RosemaryFiki? Wonder no more my fellow fashion/music lovers, for she is definitely one of our own.....

Rosemary rise to center stage, wasn't all roses and rainbows,  as she was once the girl, who was sure to be seen, standing in queues for auditions, doing  vocal warm-ups curb side, missing work, sleeping on lines, and waiting in the bitter cold, for her moment.  Hoping desperately for her voice to be handpicked from the multitudes; the girl who once beamed when asked, about her dreams for her music , soon burned out and for a while there was darkness.
Today, with the help of a group of like-minded collaborators, Fiki has definitely got her groove back, intermingling her soaring vocals with a vulnerable falsetto range.
This refreshing newcomer manages to skilfully weave her raw, soulful voice into an electro-pop tapestry, all the while, dappling the mix with bits of afrobeat, rock, and Motown.
 I totally love her song and already have the entire album on my phone. Listen  to her songs here and tell me if am wrong or right.....


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