Compliments of the season people! The very air is rife with expectations, love and that lovely antsy feeling, everyone get at the thought of unwrapping lots of gifts, meant solely for you. Sadly a lot of us, haven’t yet shopped for our loved ones, simply because we are stumped for ideas, on what to buy them for this very special season. If you are in that category , then worry no more, for we have complied the top ten wish list, of every fashion lover worth his or her salt in style.
Contrary to common belief, fashion lovers can’t simply get enough of fashion staples, for we are always currently  coveting, one fashion item or the other. Buying a fashionista, one more perfume to add to her shelves, will not cause her style heart to go pitty-pat, as much as buying her a trendy Prada bag, that all her friends covert would. The same rules goes for the fashionist, who would give you, his undying love if you get him, a pair of a trending Ankara  shoe or waist coat ,rather than another boring Ferragamo belt. The trick in buying the perfect Christmas fashion present, for your loved ones is simple and we have made it even more simple by compiling, the following currently coveted fashion items:
The Ankara beaded clutch purse: If she doesn't have it already, then you definitely will make her Christmas, with this perfect fashion gift, for every fashionista worth her salt should have one. Buying  accompanying little gift items, for instance gold hoops, crystal wristwatch, spa coupons  and a preloaded ATM card, hidden in the bag, will ensure you spend Christmas with a permanent grin on your face.

Louis Vuitton bag: An LV bag is always coveted by every fashion lover, for it’s like the holy grail of fashion items. If you have the financial wherewithal to gift her with an LV bag, you will definitely be immortalized in her memory for forever, as no fashion lover, can ever forget their first LV. EVER!

Christian Louboutin shoes: Not the ones ranked as dangerous please, for your perfect gift might turn out to be a catastrophe. Stick to the sexy heels pumps, peep-toes, wedges or boots and I guarantee, she would be pretty much star-stuck with you for a while.

A tablet:  Yes! If she doesn't have already, it’s time for you to splurge and buy her one. To avoid listening to sounds of breaking glasses and false smiles this Christmas, I will advice, you stick with credible tablets made by known brands and don’t go for the china version to save money. What is worth giving, is worth spending on.

Real precious stone jewels:  Every woman dream of owning real diamonds, rubies, pearls  et al, like a real princess or queen someday.  So you will be making fantasy a reality when you buy her some real, not faux, costume, nor plated jewels.


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