The Nigerian fashion industry review 2012

The Fashion highs and lows in 2012.
The Nigerian fashion industry, still a toddler, compared to the fashion industries of several nations world wide, recorded unprecedented strides in terms of mega exposure globally and creativity this year. From the Iteun Basi astonishing Eko design series, Kiki Kamaru ‘something different’ designs, Lanre Da Silva/ Eki Orleans ‘butterflies’ series, Nkwo ‘wide African’ themed designs, to Iconic Ivanity beautiful beaded Ankara treasures; the Nigerian fashion designers has this year, sewn magic fused with functionality and called it wearable art. 

With the on-going global fashion fascination with all things African, Nigerian designers in 2012, enjoyed global patronage, as top popular fashion and music celebrities, such as Rihanna, Alisha Keys, Carrie Underwood, Keira Knightley, Solange Knowles, Thandie Newton Agbani Derego, Oluchi Orlando, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Ke$ha  amngst others, were spotted wearing divine creations from Duro Olowu, Tsemaye Benite, Jewel by Lisa, Michael Agwunobi‘s Bridget Awosika, Tiffany Amber, Maki O, Meena, and lots of super talented Nigerian designers based both home and aboard.

In terms of global exposure, the Nigerian fashion industry  especially her designers, enjoyed major fashion sunshine, as selected Nigerian designers and their creations were showcased at the most prestigious and populated spots/stores/centers around the world. For instance the Nigerian pop up store at Selfridges currently running till January 2013, courtesy Ndani in collaboration with GTBank/ Stylehouse Files and Tiffany Amber “Peter Pan” Jackets Debut on Leading Retail Site, amongst others.

The January visits of Vogue Italia’s editor Franca Sozzani to Nigeria wearing the famous Tiffany Amber peter pan jacket heralded the vogue cum Nigerian designers, love affair and collaboration which have resulted in several partnership and features on Nigerian fashion on the black vogue.
Arise magazine hosting of the five African icons, which consists of three Nigerian designers, Tsemaye Benite, Tiffany Amber and Maki O, at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, was another stage where the global spotlight was on Nigeria fashion. The benefits, includes the influx of international buyers, partnerships, collaborations and showcase opportunities been made available daily to the thousands of designers involved in the complex fashion structure. To accurately capture the growth of the industry and record the high moments would take more paper space than we have available. Suffix to say the year 2012, was a good year in terms of global recognition and creativity for the fashion industry. 

Unfortunately to whom much is given, much more is expected! This seems to be the current case with the fashion industry, as fashion lovers both in Nigeria and aboard grow displeased daily, at what they term as ‘exorbitant prices’ charged by the designers for their creative products. The outrage seems to have increased with the Ndani Nigerian pop up store at Selfridge London. It seems, most of the finishing’s on the style products of our beloved top designers are not up to par, compared with their international colleagues, while the prices is more than at par. Listening to the aggrieved fashion lovers, eager to support and promote the industry but dissatisfied, it seems the crux of the matter isn't necessary about the prices but more about the quality and finishing in relation to fixed price.

In a fast growing industry, quality and detail consciousness can sometimes be sacrificed  along the way but emphasis must be made, that without price and quality control measure , put in place and adhered to rigidly, the Nigerian industry spot in the the fashion sunlight would be like that of a shooting star, that blaze forth in all it glory briefly, but fades fast.

 Hopefully, the year 2013, will see the Nigerian fashion industry gain worldwide recognition not just for her designers creativity and innovation but for the high standard of quality and detailing in their style creations. Already 2013 looks to be a rainbow coloured one for the fashion industry as, with bated breathe, fashion lovers look forward to the advent of Fashion TV Africa, Oluchi Orlando next top model project , Nduka, Arise magazine and ThisDay Newspaper founder new fashion television channel, and other exciting projects lined up.
Arise Magazine Fashion week Lagos 2012  (Nduka Obaigbena)
MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012
Nigerian Fashion week 2012
Vlisco fashion shows
Ndani projects
Style Housefiles
Elite Model Look 2012
Music Meet Runway 2012


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