Every girl child has at a point in her childhood, sneaked into mummy or auntie’s room and smeared on preciousstolen lipsticks, then is perplexed because it doesn't look as good on her as it does on mummy; but she shrug her little shoulders and moves on with same lipstick on. Some ladies still apply the little girl’s philosophy, to wearing lipstick today, they believe if it is good on Genevieve or beyonce, then surely it must be good on them, even though the truth is glaring at them from the mirror. Lipstick is one cosmetic that if applied properly, is so potent ,that it can tease the senses to distraction. So ladies! Follow these style tips and I guarantee, you will stop traffic and make your special one sit up and take notice!

The perfect lipstick for you
Matte – this lipstick has more texture and less shine so it particularly great for youth , teenagers and those with wide lips.
Crème  - great lipstick with a perfect balance of  texture and shine, it’s terrific for  all ladies apart from teenagers.
Gloss – this is perfect for the teenage girl but works best for older ladies as a top coat for your crème or matte lipsticks or your aim is nude makeup.

Style Tips
Not all shades of lipstick is good for you, for black skinned ladies the shades of peach, caramel, pink, honey, red, champagne ice, violet and mauve colors are great for us. For lip liners we should stick to shades of berry, wine, rich brown, ruby, pink and hot chocolate.
Exfoliate your lips at least once in two weeks.
Always line your lips with the shade of lip liner, closest to your lipstick shade.
For bold lips shades like red, orange or deep pink,make sure your eye makeup is very light.
For pout lips apply liner just beyond your natural lip liner.
Wear bold shades of lipsticks for night events and pale or light shades for day wear.
Invest in quality lipsticks that contains vitamin c, very little lead, sunscreen, and aloe.
For best lip make up, invest in quality lip brushes, but if you don’t have presently ,you cam make do with your fingers.
Remember your lipstick makes or break the outfit


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