It's almost the end of the sunny days, in our corner of the world and the heat level is reaching an all new high. I personally feel like am melting or at risk of an imminent heatstroke, if i leave my office at any time before nightfall.

Swimming is one remedy to the heat situation, hence the crowds at public swimming pools and friends badgering friends for a dip in their private pools. Whether it's at the beach, a hotel pool or friends pool, going swimming can be a style fiesta/fun, depending on your perception of your body and if you have the right style accessories, to accentuate/distract from your positive and not-so-positive edges.

Swim Style Accessories Must-haves:
Beach bag:  This is your dynamic carry-on for your sunscreen, sun oil, personal towel, beach robe, sandals, Pdfs, makeups and all whole lot of other style/business necessities.
Bikinis/Tankinis/Monokinis:  Choosing to wear a Kini, is determined by how in-shape your body is, if you have flabby sides and/or belly pouch, the kinis swimwear family is a no-no.. One piece swimsuits: This swim staple is perfect to accentuate and distract, from your plus-sides in a great way, so if your aren't as bod-perfect as Kim in the picture above, this swimwear is a great option for you.  Flipflops/sandals/slippers.... your footwear should essentially be flat but sexy at the same time.
Other necessary style items to have when going swimming includes: Sunglasses, large gold hoops, Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Towel, sarong wraps
Here is an exercise tip that can get you, a Kim-belly-lookalike in two weeks if you do the exercise faithfully.
V-SITS: Lie on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor. Draw your knees toward you, keeping them bent at 90 degrees (hips at 45 degrees). Raise your upper body toward your lower until you're balancing on your butt (your body is making a V shape). Return to starting position. DO: Two sets of 20 repetitions, two to three times a week. 


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