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Vlisco’s Jeu de Couleurs collection Colourful Splendour FASHION. VLISCO BEAUTY. LANRE DA SILVA.

Vlisco’s Jeu de Couleurs collection: Colourful Splendour!

16:32Millicent Arebun

From Vlisco’s early batik-inspired colours to today’s bold brights, colour has always been an intrinsic part of Vlisco’s roots. Playing with colour is therefore at the heart of the Jeu de Couleurs collection. This range of fashion fabrics shows the interplay between Vlisco’s layered use of colours and the vibrant designs to even greater effect than ever before.
According to Roger Gerards, Creative Director at Vlisco.. “Vlisco is always playing with colours, but in this collection we made it a priority to show the artistic possibilities.”
 Inspired by richly layered art and photography, the collection also includes a matching line of accessories. They include scarves and handbags. The four coordinated silk scarves feature an interesting trompe l’oeil effect of layered fabrics while the handbags come in a range of coordinated colours and materials.

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