Birkin Bags! A Must-Have Lux Piece For The Style Elite Style

If you don't  know about the Birkin bags, then you don't know about bags yet. This prestigious piece is arguably one of the most expensive fashion item. It costs a whooping £6,000 a piece, that's approximately 1,320,000 naira!.. Now that's some money! This is not even the most expensive of all, depending on the material used, a piece could cost as mush as £10,000!

Perhaps the reason for this high price is that the bags are handmade from ostrich, lizard or crocodile skins. The ones made with salt water crocodiles skins are tougher and more expensive. What else?, it takes 48 hours to produce a single piece.
This bag comes in different colors such as black, white, baby blue, navy blue, green,red and others.
  The Birkin bag was named after actress and singer Jane Birkin. Celebrities who have rocked this luxury include Lindsy Loghan, Kim Kardasian, Lady Gaga, and most recently our very own Mercy Aigbe.
  In the past, Birkins were so exclusive and low in circulation that it had the longest wait in history of 6 years!, but good news now is you don't have to wait so long for one, as long as you are with your money, you can get these bags anywhere quality is sold.


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