Looking Hot This Cold Season By Oyinebifinide Timi-Zuo

Puffa jackets, scarves, jumpers, wool head warmers! Not your typical runway fashion right? Well, it's cold everywhere and one thing comes to mind- protect yourself from the cold and still look hot.

There's really nothing difficult in it,  just follow these style tips for looking "Hot" in cold weather and viola!
  • Go For Primary Colors: It doesn't matter the color or where you are wearing it to, so long as its bright. This season needs bright colors, in fact, the brighter, the better.
  • Wear White: this is one of the truly trendy colors for this season for its dynamic style use and and it's ability to help absorb cold.
  • Grow your eye brows!: This doesn't mean looking like wolverine. Grow neatly, you'd be channeling Cara Delevingne, plus it helps keep your forehead warmer!
  • Don't forget to wear your scarf stylishly, not drably around your shoulder.

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