Black Leggings: A fashionista Must-have!

By Ifeyinwa Nwabueze

Practically every girl owns a pair of black leggings (well, except she comes from another planet). Although Leggings now come in different colours and designs, black leggings still remain the most functional and versatile. They really come in handy when you have a dress/skirt that is maybe just a little too short for you to feel comfortable in- you just pop on your leggings and then you feel fine in it!
Black leggings can be worn a lota different ways- with dresses, skirts, chiffon tops, cardigans!
Most girls wear leggings as pants! Please note that this is soo not cute especially when the leggings are thin! Always wear a shirt that covers your bum.
When wearing leggings, always remember this golden rule: Never wear a t-shirt, short shirt or top with thin leggings as it makes you look very tacky cos your underwear line will show (Visible pant lines- VPL is a complete no no!) Am sure you wont want to go out looking "cheap and available", if this is your intention anyway, knock yourself out!


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