Gidilounge Luanche gPlayer For The Music Lover

Gidilounge has consistently been one of the largest online media outlets for fans to keep up with their favorite music, stars and their happenings. Gidilounge has consistently pushed the envelop with developing new technologies for the African digital music space from our music player to online radio to mobile apps. Africans globally have embraced us and this demand made us take a fresh look at things, and inspired us to take a new approach to it.
At Gidilounge, we are very passionate about building products that have a direct impact. We have developed and will be releasing a new music streaming service, called “gPlayer”, which will be available on the web and all mobile platforms (iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 8 and Android smartphones and tablets).
The gPlayer is an upgraded version of our Gidilounge music player. The new music streaming platform will allow users to discover, listen and share music like never before. Users can search for artists, songs and also browse and create playlists, save their favorites, listen to our ready-made music lounges and launch our radio station, Gidilounge Radio. Independent artists, DJs and Labels will be able to upload their own music and content.
Lounges are curated playlists which help users enjoy music based on activities (Working out, Cooking/BBQing, Driving), or popular genres (like Juju, Gospel, Afrobeat and Highlife music). Our ready-made music lounges introduce new artists to users they may never have heard of before. Users will be able to share each song, created playlists or lounges via Twitter and Facebook.
Users will also enjoy our very popular mobile radio station, Gidilounge Radio. A podcast section will also be available on the app for all our original Gidilounge programming. We have also thrown in some nice features like what’s “now playing” on the radio, “Call in feature”, “Social talk” etc.
Mobile is the focus for the new Gidilounge music streaming platform. This product release is a testament towards our increasing focus and high expectations for quality product, technology, and design. We are very confident in the launch of this world-class product and it shows our dedication towards building a complete experience.


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