PALOO AND FRIENDS IN IMAGINARIA By Aishetu Fatima Dozie In Stores Now

PALOO AND FRIENDS IN IMAGINARIAis an exciting and adventurous children's picturebookabouta precocious and fun-loving Nigerianboy namedPaloo.Heis known for telling exhilarating stories to the children in his friendly Nigerian neighbourhood. The only problem is that his best friend, Lara, thinks he’s telling tale tales!
In this debut picture book, written by Aishetu Fatima Dozie, Paloo,along with his friends, Lara and Suhail,embark on a fantastic adventure in the world of Imaginaria escaping through an old colorful wrapper given to him by his grandfather. Hegoesto places like China, Argentina, Tanzania, Brazil,Egypt,and Tibet all while the rest of Lagos is sound asleep!
PALOO AND FRIENDS IN IMAGINARIAis for children ages 7 and below and it comes alive with beautifully illustrated pages depicting a world where children have fun and learn about colours, animals, culture, and various life lessons. The book also creativelyfeatures fun activities thatparents can participate in with their kids and includes some words in Nigerian languages for children to learn.Ultimately,PALOO AND FRIENDS IN IMAGINARIAthrough its adventurous journeyteaches children the power of believing in the impossible!
The book was launched on the 25thof May2013 at Paloo's Place in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria and was a day filled with lots of fun games and activitiesfor kids in celebration of International Children’s Day.
Aishetu Fatima Dozie spent most of her professional career in finance and investment banking and had always nursed a nagging aspiration to be a published writer but told herself thatshe was not the“creativetype. However, after having her first child, her world went from black and white excel spreadsheets to a kaleidoscope of colors and whimsical activities. Her first venture, Paloo's Place,was bornand she createda space where young children and their parents go to play, learn,and grow creatively.
Following the success of Paloo's Place, she decided to crafta series of Nigerian and African children’s characters in order to tell relatable stories tothechildren that come to her center everyday.
Theauthor hopes the book will play an important role in strengtheningthe existingAfrican culture of storytelling and reading to kids to further developliteracy and imaginative skillsof young Nigerian children. This is the first in a series of books that will serve this aim.
PALOO AND FRIENDS IN IMAGINARIAis available in the iTunes iBookstore, Kindle Store, and in children’s bookstores in select locations in Nigeria.
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