Poka Dots Mania

By Fini
Styles come and go, it evolves but trends like the polka dots can never go out of fashion. Flirty and Chicky, we bring to you a style befitting every girl.
Polka dots are a must have for every lady. From jeans, to shirts, to accessories, to shoes, its a style for all season and age, why?, it gives that youthful flair. This trend evolved from the days of Minnie Mouse to the hottest runways on the planet. Theses dresses could be what you want them to be, loud and vibrant or soft and subtle.
Even stars know "what's up". Just two months ago, Kate Meddleton was bright with the top shop dress she wore to the Warner Brothers inauguration, Eva Mendes wore a red polka shirt dress in New- York and Gwen Staffani was edgy in her distress jeans and biker boots. They can't get enough!.

Polka dots are big news this season and the next, from graphic dots at MIU MIU to little sheer spots at  Chole, the prints ruled the runway. Stay one step ahead of the pack, be in style now and next season. Watch millarefashion tv for more information on how to rock those dots!


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