The Nigerian Fashion Council: Promoting Nigerian Fashion Worldwide!

With the rapid expansion and strides made by the young and brilliant fashion industry of Nigeria, it was only a matter of time, it begins to experience hitches and problems that only a regulatory body or structure could combat or build on. Hence the revamping or restructuring of FADAN by the infusion of new breed Fashionpreneur in it's newly elected executives and the birth of NFC.

The Nigerian Fashion Council aims to create a functional fashion body in Nigeria to bridge the gap between the consumer, the PRs, the publishing & retail industry and designers. It was created to promote Nigerian fashion designers not only during social events but also as a way for emerging talent to understand how the creative and the business aspect of fashion works.

It will represent a diverse range of designers under a single international platform with an African theme to invariably pitch to other functional fashion councils around the world as a way to exchange fashion ideas, trends, products, content, expertise and experience.

The Nigerian fashion Council together with the fashion industry has the potential to generate much neede
d revenue, employment and expertise, which in turn will put Nigeria on the fashion map with London, South Africa, Milan, New York and Paris.

The Nigerian Fashion Council will showcase:
Nigerian Fashion Collective Week
Nigerian Fashion Awards
Showroom/Exhibition for emerging Nigerian designers during international fashion weeks such as London Fashion Week, South Africa Fashion Week
Emerging designer platform
Mentorship & training

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