Sarah Ofili - I Am Obsessed With Lingerie!

Beautiful, Vivacious Sarah Ofili is one lady, who needs no introduction to those, in the style and music world. Born to a Nigerian father and Hungarian mother, Sarah grew up with her siblings in Warri, Delta State. After elementary school, she attended an all-girls boarding secondary school in Benue State, Nigeria and also furthered her education at The French language school in Badagry, Cotonou. Speaking with the gorgeous down to earth model, blogger, presenter, and Designer, my first impression was “Wow, her skin practically glows”. A certified beauty specialist from the London School Of Beauty and Make-up, with a Diploma degree in Psychology from the university of Jos; Sarah Ofili is one hilariously witty lady, who have successfully turned her passions into a profession and carved a niche for herself  in the world of style and fashion. In this interview with Millicent Imade Arebun, she speaks on her shoe brand, new projects and the secrets to her flawless skin.

 Sarah the designer
I started designing custom made shoes for myself and friends, to sate my passion for designing. I also wanted to test the huge market for shoe design in Nigeria. I didn’t have a lot of money to throw around, so I invested a little and realized it is great business.  I am presently making plans for the launch of my shoe line next year.  So everyone can rock a Sarah Ofili shoes and not just select few.

Modeling gigs globally
I haven’t worked with any Nigerian fashion label yet. I have done more editorials features for magazines, For instance, Made Men Magazine, Style Pantry, ThisDay Style and a couple of others.  In London I have also done lots of editorial gig for  Sisqo’s Dragon Music Records, Boudior Studios UK, Fashion Site StylePantry.Com, StandOut Modeling Agency UK, Charles and Co Agency UK and a catalogue for Ellebury Bags, a Nigerian shoe/bag designer based in London. I am more of a swimsuit lingerie model.
Fashion and Style
Style is innate. It is something personal, something you just have. Your style interprets who you are, how you dress, it’s how people see who you are.  It’s basically the way you express yourself. For instance, people see me and say “that girl’s style is rock-chic or hippy chic”. Style is the way you express yourself. I personally don’t categorize myself under any one style niche. I could be anything at any time, depending on my mood. But mostly, I am hippy.  I am the kind of person that will wear a long skirt and knee high boots. I like to think, Fashion is more the trends of the season.  Style is expressed through fashion.
Secrets to your glowing skin
As one gets older, one tends to find what work, and sticks to it. I’ve had my fair share of spots and pimples, especially as, I was always travelling to different places with varying weather conditions.  I don’t change products or try new products often, especially on my face. On my body, I can be adventurous but mostly, when I find what works for me, I stick to it. One also has to remember that as you grow older, your skin changes so you always have to try new products at intervals. I always try new products of the brand that works for me at intervals.

Beauty Routine
My main secret is exfoliating. I scrub, scrub, and scrub! I am queen of scrubbing. Everyone close to me knows that and if you read my blog, you will realize that I always preach scrubbing.  I have a daily scrub which is not harsh, but once or twice a week I have a complete full body scrub with my own home remedy which I won’t share with you…. Laughs
Sarah the blogger
My beauty blog is Due to the lots of traffic, we’re currently making it a full website, where you can read and also buy some of the products I review.  On my blog, I talk about “everything”; there is nothing under the sun that I don’t discuss with my readers.

Fashion Fetish
I am obsessed with lingerie! I have too much underwear for no reason. If I go to a store or come across beautiful sexy lingerie, I will buy it, no matter what. I design shoes, so most people will assume that would be my fashion crush, especially as most girls are crazy about shoes but I am not. I love shoes no doubt but am obsessed with lingerie.  I have lingerie that you can’t even wear under your clothes for they are couture and cost so much. I just feel powerful, bold and confident when I do. Sometimes I just wear them in my house. Right now I am wearing a high-end bra. I am obsessed with Lapella, Pleasure Place et al.
Latest Projects
I am currently working on two latest projects. One is WTFM, a filmed radio talk show; I am co-hosting with Eldee the Don and Munachi Abi. It is a wide-out Tv radio show and it’s recording right now. The second project is a television show. It’s a documentary on the Nigerian culture, co-hosted with Munachi Abi and a film maker, Eniola Shika. The show called ROADTRIP NIGERIA is a comprehensive TV documentary highlighting the people, culture, history, developmental studies and challenges of different States of the Federation.
Reaction on Nigerian Designs, quality and price
I can’t speak for all the Nigerian designers but I have seen a few and they are very good. Obviously there are few designers, who still need to put in more work, especially with the finishing.  Some of our finishing is a still a bit shaky but we are getting there. Already we have seen a lot of international celebrities wearing Nigerian designers’ fashion staples, which tells you that we are already doing great. A little more effort and we will be perfect.

Do you wear staples made by Nigerian Designers?
 I am not a brand freak, if I see what I like; I will buy it and wear it. It doesn't matter if it’s from the most popular couture brands, high street brand or tiny shop around the corner with no brand name. Unfortunately I haven’t tapped into fashion staples of our Nigerian designers yet. Maybe I haven’t found particular designers that I’m in love with his/her cloths yet but I am very open to it. I love Emmy Collins Menswear.  I love men shirts and he was nice enough to send me some. I rock them with jeans or pants.

Fashion Faux Pas Moments
Style and fashion sometimes is relative. Maybe to someone else I have committed a fashion blunder or faux pas but to me I probably was feeling great and style perfect.  So I can’t really tell. Though at the Miss Nigeria beauty Pageant recently, I had on a hose underneath my monochrome dress which I wasn't comfortable with.

Live everyday like it’s your last. Do whatever makes you happy as long as it’s not hurting others or affecting others, negatively. Be Happy!


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