Hair Colour Mania

 Hair color mania is currently the rage with fashion and style lovers globally. Recently in Nigeria, the red/wine/gold shade, has been fashionistas fave choice of color for making hairstyle statements.  Celebrities from Beyonce to Rihanna, Chris Brown,Tonto Dike, Denrele Edun,Rukky Sanda, Nicki Minaj, Ciara et al, have been spotted rocking different hair colors.
  The everyday style lover is certainty not left out, as lots of  fashionistas are boldly rocking different colors of weaves and for those who are daring enough, they actually dye their natural hair (which to me is absolutely FIERCE). 
Here are some tips to bear in mind before coloring your hair:
  • Pick a color that compliments your skin tone. It’s not advisable for a very dark lady to opt for a striking blond color.
  • Hair dye should be applied no sooner than two weeks after the application of relaxer. This is to reduce the risk of destroying your hair follicles due to the amount of chemicals being applied.
  • Several days before coloring your hair, deep condition your hair with a moisture/protein mix. Your mix should be moisture heavy. A well conditioned head of hair, with the right mix of gentle protein structuring, provides the best environment for color attachment.

  Colouring your hair is a great way to make a style statement! Trust me, it'll get you a lot of attention so you have to be able to rock it shamelessly! 


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