Bracelets Lure.. #FASHIONFRIDAY

By Emeka Uduma
Bracelets by many have been considered feminine, emasculating and a turn off but since the fall of 2012 it has become the can't-do-without accessory for the metro-sexual man.
Originally, bracelets especially the metal bands are believed to be a characteristic of rock artistes but the table has turned out of that perspective with a wealth of options to choose from be it the metal bands, wooden beads, leather straps or the nautical straps.

Bracelets retain a sense of masculinity and conveys a tasteful appearance. Although we recommend the metal band be worn as a solo piece different from the wrist that adorns the classic wristwatch (which is another of my favorite) and a wedding ring (don't worry in case you are not married lol). At the same time, it should be noted that the recommendation of bracelets is down to age, personal preference, function and outfit as a leather strap is not an office recommendation unlike the combination of leather cuffs with some multiple colored wooden beads on a casual look.

Brace up your look with some bracelets today. Here are some of our suggested pieces and how to pair them up. 
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